9pm til 3am
Hotel Harry

There is no party like a MTK party full stop.

Sydney’s purveyors of red hazer laser dipped fun with techno are renowned the world over for delivering the goods in the delivery window of 9pm to 6am. Sit back, relax, and then go absolutely crazy on the dancefloor as Harry’s joins forces with the Vibe Council to invite fresh faced tech/house/whatever sensation Luke Alessi up from Melbourne to do some serious damage to the new sound system at Harry’s Lounge De Luxe.

Luke is part of the Rose Avenue Records family, with megadaddies Rufus Du Sol tapping him for a remix of their huge tune, Devotion, as well as pumping out releases on some hugely scene-approved Berlin label Buttress. It’s going to be big.

Special guest SHANTI joins the MOTORIK VIBE COUNCIL (Francis Xavier, Vivi, Hermanos Santamarias, anyone else we can find) to pump up the volume accordingly. Don’t expect to have breakfast plans.

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