Sydney Design Week x Flack Studio – 17 & 18 SEP

Ace Hotel Sydney

PLAY: Community Clay

Inspired by the history of the site of Ace Hotel Sydney, which was home to the first ceramic kiln in Australia, Ace Hotel Sydney and Sydney Design Week present the two-day-long PLAY: Community Clay. A takeover of Good Chemistry — the laneway cafe and gallery space at Ace Hotel Sydney — and the adjoining Foy Lane, artist Karen Black invites renowned and rising artisans and the public for a weekend of PLAY, with everyone welcome to participate in a growing body of clay work. PLAY is curated by Flack Studio, the interior design partner for Ace Hotel Sydney, and will see this community of artists, alongside members of the public of all ages, come together to participate in the building of an evolving collection of temporary life-size raw clay sculptures. Participants are invited to either work collaboratively, adding to existing sculptures formed across the weekend, or to work on smaller pieces that will be scattered throughout the laneway. Other participants may wish to simply wander and explore the tactile collection of sculptures that will bring the laneway to life. The project is based on the notion of collaboration, and is designed to promote playful, free communication among all attendees.

The public-made figures will become part of a growing exhibition in Good Chemistry for the week. The exhibition will be supported by a sound installation by Flack Studio.

“Play is something that as children is innate in us, but as we get older, many people find it very difficult to achieve.” says artist Karen Black. “Working with clay is known to offer specific therapeutic qualities including expressing emotion and the unconscious, and facilitating catharsis and communication. We see PLAY as a joyful, playful experience. There will be no rules about what you can make with the clay, stay a half hour or get into it for the entire day.”

PLAY: Community Clay takes place at Ace Hotel Sydney *Foy lane* on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18 as part of Sydney Design Week.

Tickets are $25 and available for an all-day session (11am-3pm) on either Saturday or Sunday with guests able to stay as long or as little as they like.

Come and play in the Ace laneway.

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